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Ethereal Harp Soundfont


Format :- sf2

Has 2 Presets :-

       1. Ethereal Harp - Good for Solo and Orchestral performances

       2. Dampened Harp - Good for Orchestral performances


Fully compatible with musescore and other sf2-using softwares.


*NOTE!!! When using this product with Musescore, you must make some slight alterations or else it would sound terrible.

After you upload it to the synthesizer and the score, go to the menu bar...

Click View - - > Mixer. You'll find a bar called 'Master Gain' on the left. Set the Master Gain to '-1.12'. You'll find the volume bar a bit upwards from the Master Gain bar. Set the volume to full (127), close the mixer tab, and save your changes. You're all set!!*


Find the demo in the demo page


Made by a real instrument recorded by Versillian studios public domain (legal). No part of this production is permitted to be copied or repackaged or to be subjected to any kind of modification. This product is non-profitable for the users.


~~2019 Vanguardian all rights reserved

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